Sri Lalitha Sahasranaama Maha Yagam


Sri Sakthi Amma has taken the divine resolve to perform the most unique, significant and profound sacred ritual for the protection of this universe in the most difficult times of the Kaliyuga.

Participate in Maha yagam

As the name signifies, the Maha Yagam would be performed every single day for 1008 days at a stretch. Everyday vedic scholars would recite one name of Goddess Sri Lalithambika a thousand times and perform the Yagam, invoking that particular quality of the Goddess.

Every day all the vedic scholars would together chant the name of the goddess and perform the yagam while offering different types of foods to the divine along with Ghee.

Sri Lalitha Sahasranaama Maha Yagam was commenced on the 6th of October 2021 following day of the full moon in conjunction with the commencement of the auspicious Navarathri festivals. The Yagam will conclude in the year 2024.

Sri Sakthi Amma took the divine resolve to invoke over a thousand qualities of the divine, such that the Goddess will bless the living being on this planet and protect each one during the difficult era.

Sri Sakthi Amma urges each and everyone to participate and offer prayers to magnify the effect of the ritual and to also derive the benefit from it.

Every day a pure Silk Saree is offered to the Goddess Sri Lalithambikai during the Poornaahuthi, appeasing the Goddess and seeking protection from the negative forces.

The Maha Yagam shall yield in the destruction of negative forces, eradication of hardships faced during the covid-19 pandemic, empower the world leaders to lead effectively, create environmental stability, and reign in prosperity to all beings of the world.

Pathway of Light

Quote If we surrender then we are always at peace, and whether we get what we want or not, (or even whether we are happy or not) doesn't matter. This is becausewe accept everything that occurs happens for the best.    Quote

- Sri Sakthi Amma