Sri Narayani Temple

Sri Narayani Temple


This unique and magnifient temple -also known as the Narayani Temple has been built for the Goddess Sri Narayani. It stands majestically at Thirumalaikodi in the original Narayani Peedam complex.

Artistically designed and beautifully hand - painted, it took four years for the Construction to be completed, with the Maha Kumbabhishekam (temple’s consecration) performed by Sri Sakthi Amma on the 29 of January 2001. The name of Goddess Sri Narayani was chanted by 750 sivacharyas (priests) over a period of nine days.


Several thousands of devotees from neighboring villages, towns and from different parts of India, and the world gathered to witness this auspicious event. The vigraham (idol) of the Goddess that was installed in this temple is the form that was proclaimed by Sri Sakthi Amma on the 8 of May 1992.

Pathway of Light

Quote If we surrender then we are always at peace, and whether we get what we want or not, (or even whether we are happy or not) doesn't matter. This is becausewe accept everything that occurs happens for the best.    Quote

- Sri Sakthi Amma