Sri Puthu Temple


‘Sri Puthu’ in tamil means ‘The Divine Anthill’, as this is the source creation. Sri Sakthi Amma, since young age would visit this divine place and perform worship. Sri Sakthi Amma has predicted that Sri Puthu would grow and provide solace to the people who visits this place. Sri Puthu is like a womb from which all fortunes would emerge. Amma had instructed people to respect it and take good care of this place, which will not only help millions of people find solutions for their problems, but also aid in the spiritual development of humankind. Sri Puthu is the ‘Moolasthanam’ or the ‘Prime Seat’ of the divine.

Sri Sakthi Amma established Sri Narayani Peedam at a tender age of 16 years, when Sri Sakthi Amma renounced the regular life, to lead the life of a renunciate in this very place in the year 1992. With Amma's penance, prayers, sacrifice and relentless service over the years, the place has grown manifold times, attracting people from all over the world.

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Sri Narayani Temple


The spiritual oasis and is an architectural marvel.

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